February 20th, 2001



Bleh! Feeling stressed out tonight, gotta try and calm down. It's mostly coz I'm tired - we went out in Norwich last night, to the Porcupine Tree concert (which (as always) rocked!). Didn't get in till nearly 1am though so I'm knackered today. Got a cool t-shirt, skinny one that says 'porcupine tree' on it :)

Slept in an extra hour coz I was in so late last night. Got up and found that the photos that Jo (J's sister) had posted us had arrived. The ones from the Marillion fan club are just as she said they'd be, not that interesting ... it's difficult to take piccies at a gig if you're not a) at the front and b) in posession of a fantastic camera ... the ones from the Notts meet were good though, though there're a few of me I don't remember (not surprising, I'd had waaaaaaaaaaay too much to drink) ... there's one of Chris (Jo's fiance aka Wyvern) that we'll probly put up as his ressie picture :>

Then started my normal morning routine when I'm at home - started toast toasting, got something to drink and dialed up. At which point my day went to pot *pah*. PlusNet (who were our ISP) had decided that acceptable usage of a 24/7 flat rate service is less than 3 hours a day. So they've terminated our account, without actually taking the trouble to inform us very much in advance (they emailed yesterday, but I only read the mail there occasionally coz I don't give out the address - even plusnet had a different address as a contact address, which they didn't use). They will give us the money back that we'd just paid for our next 3 months usage which is a Good Thing (TM). So, I dialed up with freeserve once I realised that nothing was happening with PlusNet and tried to find out what the fuck had happened ... couldn't log on on their webpages and assumed that they'd just screwed something over ... was talking to J at the same time and after a bit of poking around and jiggery pokery he managed to find the mail that they'd sent yesterday. So we decided they could go screw themselves and I sorted us out a demon account with 24/7 surftime access and static IP and it was all up and running in about half an hour, including dialing off and on again twice. So now I'm just waiting for something to go wrong coz so far it's too good to be true (/cynic) (well cept for the price which is 20 quid a month, but even that's not too bad).

Went into work in the afternoon for a meeting with my supervisor about a paper, which went well ... though for a little while it looked like I might have to re-scan in all the gels I'm using in figures in my thesis ... but I went and played with one of the figures for the paper in PowerPoint a bit and by tweaking the contrast and brightness I got it looking ok, so that's a disaster averted today!

Now I'm home and whinging electronically at you all, aren't you pleased ;)

Oh almost forgot to mention that my dad emailed me yesterday to say that my brother has got engaged! Was a bit of a surprise .. I've not met the lass, though he's been going out with her for a while, and I'm not likely to in the near future as she's living in Bahrain at the moment
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