March 2nd, 2001


Whee! Bouncy-bouncy-bouncy-bounce!

Today I managed to finish writing the discussion of my thesis. I now have words down for everything, and just have to start polishing it and making it good thesis rather than just an existing thesis.


Not a lot to say besides that, as I've not really done anything cept work.

Oh I'm hungry though, and we're out of bread and J only just left work so I can't have dinner till after he comes home which won't be for a bit now.


We're going out tonight though (hopefully) - there's an indie night at one of the clubs in town which we've not been to before. Should be good, but it'll be a bit weird if it's straight-forward indie, what we've been to most in the last few months is a rock/alternative/indie night at a different place (the one from last friday night) and it's quite biased towards the heavier end of the spectrum (which is no bad thing ;) ).

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