March 3rd, 2001


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Went out last night and it was good :) but I was far too tired so didn't dance and didn't even feel much in the mood for drinking, which is relatively unusual ;) But the music was good, cept they played a few tracks for the old tarts in the place ;) Just about everyone there seemed to know everyone else though, and most of the people in the pub we went to first for a drink (the Spread Eagle) also went turned up, which surprised me as the music in the pub is usually a little heavier than indie.

Went straight to bed when we got in coz I was knackered, and woke up about half an hour before the alarm went off feeling wide awake :) Spent most of the day pottering around in town. Went to the library and paid up for the fines on my overdue books. Realised about midway through the week that they had been due back last weekend not this weekend :/ Got some more books :)

We got stacks of magazines and we played the demo of Gran Turismo 3 for PS2 which was cool :) Then I went and had a nap coz I could barely keep my eyes open. When I woke up J was watching Dune (which was one of the DVDs that he bought today). So I sat in the corner where there was a lamp and read the rest of my Dick Francis book (I'll maybe review that tomorrow, cba tonight). Started the first of my library books too, "The War God's Own" by David Weber, which I've read before but it's cool :) Gonna have to buy that sometime :)

Had nice food for dinner tonight, cooked Curried Chicken with Peppers, which is one of the first things we cooked from the Ken Hom cook book we have, and it's definitely one of my favourite dishes :) Nice bottle of chilean chardonnay to go with it too :)

Yesterday was 6 months since me and J got married which is cool :) *beam*
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