March 4th, 2001


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Since this has been a somewhat productive day I wonder why I feel so bored?

I've done some work - polishing the paper I'm currently writing. Added some data to it, tweaked someone else's figure so it looks like mine, changed to prose to reflect all the changes.

I've written the letter to accept the contract for the job I have when I go back. I'm gonna be working with the same group, I'm just going to be a post-doc rather than a PhD student. Starts at beginning of April, and it's even a smallish pay rise ... I was on a pretty good stipend as a student so it's not a huge pay rise, but it still is one :)

I've played my flute and my bassoon for the first time in ages and ages. It's slipped somewhat, unsurprisingly ;) Gonna make a bit more of an effort to practice the flute though, maybe bassoon too though I dunno about that. I've fished out the books for tone and technique exercises that I have, and a piece I learnt once but haven't played for ages (Adagio and Allegro from Jean Baptiste Loeillet de Gant's Sonta for Flute 1) and I'm gonna try and learn a Handel Sonata I've not learnt before (Sonata in E minor Op I Nr 1a).

But I'm still bored.
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