March 6th, 2001



Bleh. I have a cold and it's about an hour since I had a lemsip so I can't have any more for a while. BLeh!
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Still bleh but I'm better than I was, I think. I hate this sorta bit of a cold, I'm just a walking snot factory with my head stuffed full of cotton wool.

Despite that I did actually manage to get some stuff done today. Managed to more than double the file size of my introduction by adding 3 figures *grin*. And wrote more stuff.

But most of the afternoon has been spent trying to work out what sorta memory is in basilisk (this puter that I use) and iguana (the one that J uses). Memory prices are real cheap atm, so we thought we'd double the mem in both for just £65! But neither of us have really played with hardware for years ... I can tell the difference between a 36pin simm and a 72pin simm (not that that's hard, but at least I know they exist iyswim), but all this CAS and ECC stuff means nothing. Well, meant nothing - Crucial (a place that sells memory) seems to have lots of useful info and explains lots of the techy terms. Obviously they try and plug their memory selector thing on the website (which lists brands/models of machines and tells you what'll work). Which is cool, but iguana was built by a little local shop and basilisk came from Tescos (a supermarket - for you foreigners - they don't normally sell computers, but they occasionally get random stuff in and sell it cheaply 'while stocks last'). So that didn't help much.

Still, we'll work it out I'm sure. All good practice too, we do intend to build the next machine. (At which point basilisk replaces gecko as the server and I get iguana - I do word processing and play games like civ:ctp, J plays graphics heavy games and codes so he gets the better machine). But that's all a bit in the future yet ;)

Hi and welcome to Ciannait - I decided it was silly to read your journal via J's friends page so did something about it :)

And hello and welcome to Sath - ditto cept it was Marnanel's friends.
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It only took 2 goes to get all the html right in that last post! Yeah ok so it's only a collection of links, but you're reading the journal of a woman who, despite 7 years of net presence, still hasn't actually written a home page except for a collection of 'nothing here' pages. I only learnt how to do links when I started posting here, and it was only typos that was the problem this time *beam*

Jeez it's silly the things that one is proud of isn't it ;) One day I'll do a homepage, one day ;)
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