March 12th, 2001


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Lunchtime once more *beam* I was gonna try and finish off the re-write of the chapter I'm working on, and then send it off to Gill and Vera before lunch. But I just thought of another bit I need to add so I've decided to have lunch then finish it off after lunch. Was a fairly major re-write involving removal of 3 figures and tweaking of 5 of the rest - so obviously just about every bit of text refering to a figure had to be changed (not the numbers, just the way I talked about things - I'm using a funky feature in Word where you attach captions to the figure, then insert a cross reference to that in the text, so it all updates if you move the figures about or delete them). *sigh* still, it looks better now.

I was going to write about the w/e here, but J's already done a good job at talking about that so I shan't repeat him. I'll just say it was a fun weekend, and good to see Gareth again :) Shame Shital couldn't make it though :/ Still we'll see them again sometime and this year hopefully we'll not leave it as long.

Yesterday after Gareth left I sat and updated my CV - personnel want one coz I start on a new contract on 1 April. It's really dumb, coz I've just got the job, no need for an interview or anything. But personnel want a CV. I've even already accepted the contrat. But they still want a CV for their records. Dumb. And annoying as I hadn't done anything to my CV since I was job hunting in 1996, so I had to add quite a chunk of stuff. Still, the list of publications looked nice as I have 5 (three published, one in press, one which we've just submitted) which is pretty good for being just at the end of my PhD. It's particularly ironic to have to do this coz as J was updating his CV I was thinking 'thank goodness I don't have to do that' and there I was, updating my CV.

I then sat and played Call to Power 2 for the rest of the evening, and I'm going to finish that game this evening coz it's going really well.

Sent out a stroppy email on Friday that seems to have got results :) Love it when that happens *grin* ... I'm trying to organise a meet for when Stipe is in England, and he's constructed a guest list of about 12 people he definitely wants to meet (he'd've carried on but we ran out of floor space at that point). The plan includes going out for a meal on the Sat night ... this is in just under 3 weeks time now ... so I'm gonna have to book. And no-one was replying to say if they could make it or not. But people have now :) Not everyone, but some of them. So minimum for the meal of 8, max of 11 atm (including us). Hopefully more people will reply, and I'll book by the end of the week. Atm I think I'll be booking for at least 10, probably 20 'will confirm numbers nearer time'. We're going to fling it open to anyone on SP who wants to come for just the day - they just can't stay over at ours coz we're outa space.

Been listening to the CD J bought me all morning, tis good :)
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