March 14th, 2001


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Today was not as productive day as I'd hoped. Started off quite well, I finished going through the introduction. Then I sent it off to my supervisors, at which point it promptly bounced from one of them. Well, it is a 5Mb file (due to the pictures, goodness knows why they're so big :( ) and it did say it was coz her inbox was 'full'. I figure it's just got a 5Mb limit. So I stripped out the figures and sent it again which worked, but I dunno if that's ok by her. Once I'd done that I sorta looked at the discussion, and looked at a couple of papers for a bit I need to add. But nothing much was happening really, wasn't going into my head, so I twiddled around with a 'figure' that I need to produce. It's not really a figure it's a sequence alignment and it'll be an Appendix as it's 10 pages long! And it still needs bits and pieces done to it so I go do that when I get too bored with other stuff.

J's had his interview today, and it seems to have gone reasonably well ... I've bought a bottle of wine to go with dinner tonight, coz he's feeling bleh and run down. And it's tuna burgers for dinner so he'll like that ;) And I bought a tub of Pringles as a treat - Hot and Spicy flavour, which J's never had before (and I've only had some once) ... and now I gotta wait to post this till he actually leaves for home so's everything's still a surprise ;)

Don't think I've got anything else interesting to say either. Or anything else boring to say for that matter.

Ah well.

Just gotta sit with this window still open till he logs off and I'm sure he won't read this till after.

Ahha, he's gone offline now, didn't have to wait long only 10 minutes or so. Just gonna pause a bit longer coz the other day he re-appeared briefly to tell me to read something on here.
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