March 18th, 2001


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Yesterday was both cool, and crappy. We went into London to get a new PSU for albatross and then on to Magic Moments (our hosting company) to fit it. Met up with Marcus before going off to some computer fairs on Tottenham Court Road. Found an AT power supply pretty easily, which was good coz we were a little worried that they might be 'obsolete'. Off to MagMom (Marcus came with us, thankfully, so we didn't need to worry about finding the place or getting in or proving who we are ... he works there and is the reason we'd heard of them to get albatross co-located there). And then the open heart surgery began! To change the PSU you have to change the power switch, to change the switch you have to get the front of the case off, to get the front of the case off you have to remove the backing panel that the motherboard is on, to remove that you have to take out all the cards. Fucking stupid case design if you ask me! Still both albatross and ourselves managed to survive the experience. Having done some upgrade type stuff we then started the talkers up again and put the case back on. Putting the case on invovled dodging the cables from the backs of otehr poeple's machines and we didn't notice while we did this that the sticky out power button was right next to a strut on the back of the shelf .... did I mention that the case design is fucking awful? ... so once we'd inadvertantly powered the thing down, we then had to wait while it fscked (all ok thank goodness) and restart all teh talkers again. But that was it, and we quickly left MagMom before anything else could go wrong.

Decided to go back to Marcus and Cath's place to have takeaway food - was nice :) and meant we got to see Cath too (she wasn't feeling well so'd not come in) :) Then off we toddled home again.

And here comes the truely crappy part of yesterday! We left Marcus and CAth's at about 2140 ... about 5.5 hours later we got home ... we figure it's not more than 100 miles! Half an hour of that was to be expected - we were heading for the last train our tickets were valid on, so we left plenty of time to catch it so were half an hour early for the train. Then the trains played silly buggers, and after going slow for a bit, adn stopping and starting they decided at Colchester that they weren't gonna run this train to Ipswich, so we all had to get off and wait for the next one through (different train company so our tickets weren't valid till they kicked us off our train). It was coz of engineering works which are necessary - but they could bloody run the train the last 20 minutes up to Ipswich. So we stood on the freezing platform at Colchester for 10 or 20 minutes ... at this point it was 1am and we shoulda been home. Finally the train got in. 0130, not too bad, only an hour late. We walked briskly out the station to the taxi queue and we were in the first half of the queue. Taxis were a bit slow in appearing, but after the first half hour 5 taxis had arrived, and some people had left so we were only 5 taxi's worth from the front of the queue. So we figured, ah well another half an hour, sucks rocks, but could be worse. And it was. After 15 minutes another taxi arrived ... and by 0230 we'd only seen that taxi in the last half hour so having waited an hour there we decided 'bugger this for a game of soldiers!'. We walked up to the taxi rank in town (about 15 mins away) - where we were at the back of a fairly long queue ... but we got a taxi only 15 minutes after getting there and were home by 0315, only 5.5 hours after leaving :(

Pile of crap!

Never again will we wait for a taxi at the station :(

So having got to bed at about 4am yesterday we didn't get up till half twelve or so and today will be a lazy day :) Worked out what I can eat tomorrow so that we don't have to go shopping today :)
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