March 21st, 2001



I haven't updated this since Monday night coz I've got addicted to the logic puzzles that Stipe mentioned in his journal the other day! So I spent all yesterday evening doing them and not writing stuff, and all yesterday and todays lunch breaks. I'm an addict ;)

Monday night wasn't so good in the end - after I wrote in here I started to feel quite unwell :( I think something I ate disagreed with me (definitely not the drink, nothing like that sort of feeling). But I was ok after I'd slept.

Tuesday just sort of happened. I finished going through the Materials and Methods and sent that off to Gill and Vera, then I started going through another chapter (third time round for this one) which I sent off this afternoon.

The only thing of note that I did yesterday (besides play with the logic puzzles ;) ) was to finalise the organisaton for the weekend that Stipe is visiting. Picked a pub, booked the restuarant ... put something in the news on snowplains to let all and sundry know about it.

We're sat here at the moment pretty much in the dark. For no good reason. J said to me to put my table lamp on, so I figured he was switching off the lights to play puter games or PS2 games .. but no, we're sitting the dark coz he wants to. Bizarre, but there you go ;)
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