March 22nd, 2001


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And another day goes by. Nothing much happened today. But then I didn't expect it to really. I sat and read stuff I've written and tried not to be too bored by it. I hate this tedious 'tidying up' bit of writing :(

A colleague asked if I'd lost weight when I was in work on Monday and I was surprised coz if anything I've put on a little - but I worked out why she'd said that this afternoon ... I normally wear flat shoes to work, coz with the commute and everything I'm out of the house for 13 hours which is an awfully long time to wear heels. But Monday I was just in for a little bit and was mostly there to go out to this leaving do. So I had high heels on, and I guess the three inches extra height will make me look a little thinner. Plus my posture is better when I'm wearing heels, I tend to stand up that bit straighter. Mystery solved :) Nice to be complimented too :)
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