April 13th, 2001


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Today was a lazy day :) Didn't get up till the afternoon, then spodded for quite a while before making bacon sandwiches for brunch :) Then I played Black & White for ages and ages and ages. I've still not quite persuaded my creature not to eat the people, but he's becoming a nicer friendlier creature now :) ... this game will definitely have replay value coz I'm now wondering about the being evil side of it ;)

And since then I've spodded and read LJ and that's about it.

Nice day all round.

I've come to the conclusion, though, that I'm a crap conversationalist. If the other person has something to talk about, I'll talk too, but otherwise I can never think of anything to say. This is both on and off line too .. .though offline if I've had a few drinks I talk more (not so online as I can still censor that more easily ;) ) I guess I just worry to much about what to say. So I end up starting conversations which devolve into 'how are you?' 'ok/good/crap' 'cool/aww' 'and you?' 'fine' 'cool' ... and then the conversation stops. Ah well, I do talk to some people (like J *beam*) but occasionally it bugs me that I never can think of anything interesting enough to say that I will say it iyswim.

Anyway - today's been a good day :)
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