April 18th, 2001


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The boss pulled another sneaky one today - she was away, and everything implied she was away all day, but she came back at 4pm. Thankfully this time I was still there, and was even doing something useful :) Other than that, today was uneventful.

As was yesterday. Cept yesterday we had a really nice Chinese takeaway that J got on the way home from work. *mmm*

Oh I've just remembered today's event - J's cousin called my mobile while I was at work ... she's got a PhD studentship near where I work and so wants to come stay with us while she house-hunts in June, which is cool :) Was a bit of a shock - coz I've only ever met her once so I really didn't expect her to ring and had no idea what to say, and anyway I was at work so couldn't talk for ages.

Anyway, that's today. And was yesterday.

Boring, eh?

But I'm happy :)
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