May 6th, 2001


Party :)

Last night's party was fun - though travelling there and back was a little tedious. We got to see people we've not seen for ages and ages. And they're all much the same as they always were - guess they thought that about us too ;) DaveH and Suzanne have finally got together (well, about 6 months ago) ... it's only taken a few years of Dave worshipping her from afar ;)

Had a little bit too much to drink - was pleasantly tiddly :) and now have a slight headache. I did manage to avoid the punch though - Jeff was making it and I saw him do the second batch and it looked lethal! J didn't avoid the punch and regretted this slightly ;)

And the sofa we slept on was a) surprisingly comfortable and b) surprisingly wide as we both managed to sleep on it with not much more difficulty than sleeping in a single bed.

Dave has a nice flat - like every flat in London it's tiny, but it's on the top floor and the living room/kitchen bit has several large skylights and a balcony which is where the barbecue was. It overlooks Clapham Common and it's in a big old house so it looks nice :) He's got lots of toys ;) got a projecter TV, a TiVo and stuff. And a tiny wee computer - palm top of some sort but running Win95. And apparently no proper computer though, which I found odd coz he was one of the people from uni I'd've still expected to be into computers - apparently he's gonna get one eventually, but not yet.

Found out my ex (and his wife) have twin boys now. That feels surreal - it's weird enough when I hear of random poeple my own age having kids (I automatically think: But she's so young to have kids) ... but my ex having kids is truely surreal.

We've been back here about an hour now and J's opened his birthday presents and rang his parents and generally done birthday stuff. We're trying to decide if we're gonna go out for dinner tonight - the thought appeals (and I wanna treat J to dinner as part of his birthday pressie) but after over-alcoholing last night it might not be wise.
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