May 7th, 2001


Bank Holiday :)

Wussed out and went to bed just before 9pm last night - I was gonna read in bed for a while but I just went to sleep instead. So I got about 12 hours sleep which was good and much needed.

I've had to do thesis work today, which sucks a bit coz it's a nice sunny day outside and J got to go into town but I had to stay here :( Still I got some stuff done which is a good thing :)

DUnno what I'm gonna do now ... might play some Civ:CTP coz me and Marble were talking about playing an online game sometime soonish. Before we can do that J and I need to remember what it was we had to change on the masq box to let me play :/ But I need the practice so I may play that ... :)
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    Marillion "Anoraknophobia"