May 13th, 2001


Gigs and things

CAtching up on the last few days :)

I had today off work, and did a little thesis work in the morning, then went to the doctors to get some more antihistamine. And talked to the doctor about if I need to take calcium supplements but he said there's no need to worry, despite the fact that I barely eat any dairy products (I can't stand milk or most of its derivatives). Apparently most osteoperosis in the western world isn't caused by diet.

Went and had lunch in town with J, as he'd got the afternoon off. We went to the Costa cafe for a change and it was ok. I still prefer Vagabonds though, both for the actual food and coffee, and for the atmosphere. We then went and pottered around town for a bit which was nice coz it was a hot sunny day and it was nice to be outside.

In the evening we met up with Bruce for the Neil Finn concert which was really really cool :) He's brilliant live. The support left quite a lot to be desired though, it turned out that it wasn't the advertised person, it was the guitarist from Neil Finn's band. And I guess it was the first time he'd ever been alone on stage infront of that big an audience, and he had no stage presence at all and was really really really nervous. Poor guy, it was so bad it was embarassing. Though he was technically competant, but I guess that's not enough. The actual Neil Finn bit was good though. And he had Johnny Marr (from The Smiths - I had to ask J who he was) on stage for most of the concert.

After that we just came back to the house and ate takeout pizza and talked politics, amongst other things. Election fever starts already I guess - and I dunno who on earth I wanna vote for this time round.

We got up earlyish today - about 0930 or so. And then J discovered that he'd got his copy of Tribes 2 in the post ... so we didn't actually leave the house till 1200. So off we went to London, and across to Richmond to drop our stuff off at Bruce's house. It was too hot to spend that long on the tube :(

Met up with Gary (Odie) and his girlfriend and Jaq at about 5pm, then headed off to do the food bit. Bruce got lost again and couldn't find the restuarant he wanted to take us all too, so we ended up going to Wagamamas just coz we were passing it. And it was really good, I've not eaten there before. I'm not sure if I can find it again, but I know it's on Lexington Street so if we get an A-Z we might be able to work it out :)

Then off to the concert itself :) Back on the tube, but had to get off just one stop from Shepherd's Bush because of some sort of security alert. Was nice weather still though, so was a nice walk. Met up with Stu in the queue so everything worked as intended, which is always a good thing :) The first support were Rothko, who we'd seen supporting Porcupine Tree in Norwich earlier this year. Were pretty much the same - not really my sort of thing though, just 3 guys with bass guitars making lots of ambient-type loud noises. Second support were Anathema, who I'd not heard anything by till this concert. They were cool :) Though they did have scary amounts of hair ... and it was quite amusing watching Jaq try and get an unobscured view of the lead singer ;) I'm going to get an album by this band I think :) Then it was Porcupine Tree and they were as good as ever :) I think they're my favourite band to see live - though Marillion are also good. They mostly played stuff from Lightbulb Sun and from Stupid Dream, but they also trotted out a lot of the classic older stuff. And they finished (on the third encore!) with Radioactive Toy, which is one of my favourite songs :)

Then back to Bruce's via Tescos for some crisps :)

Today was mostly spent travelling or shopping. We left Bruce's about midday, and went off to Covent Garden to buy some people birthday presents. Couldn't find things for everyone - I'm going to end up getting my mother some book tokens I think :/ Ah well. We also wandered around a bit, J found a record store (quel suprise ;) ), and we looked at menus of lots of cafes but nothing appealed enough to make us actually go and eat something. So we headed off back to Ipswich and got a little bite to eat on the train.

Once we'd got back home we sat and spodded and caught up on LJ for a while. Then we went back into town and had dinner at Pizza Express. Very nice :) And afterwards went to the Spread Eagle and discovered it was all different like I mentioned in my last entry.

This is today, so I'm all caught up now :) Went to Tescos this morning which was as tedious as it always is on a Sunday. But we had to go and take bottles to the bottle bank there coz we'd run out of room in the kitchen to keep them.

Once we got home I worked for a while, I've now gone through the entire Discussion and acted on most of the comments. And since then I've spodded and read LJ. Just about to start reading more of my Webscriptions books, but thought I should write this first otherwise it'd not get done ;)
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