May 15th, 2001


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Oooh I'm sleepy. Watched 'A History of Britain' tonight and dozed off a little at the end, so J had to recap the bit from William of Orange through to the end. Not much missed timewise, but annoying that I'm this sleepy.

Why aren't I in bed then, I hear you ask? I'm going soon, but I did my exercises so I wanna stop being 'heart beating fast knackered' first. I was good today and didn't snack, drank more coffee than usual though so not sure that's a good thing. Hasn't upset my stomach though, and that's 2 days in a row with 2 cups of coffee so if it was going to it proably would have by now.

Got a copy of The Express to read on the journey home from work and it had one of those 'health' articles that leaves you worrying about obscure diseases etc. I do think those are irresponsible. It was about wheat intolerance and had this list of 16 questions and if you answered 'yes' to a particular number/combination of them then you were wheat intolerant and should immediately stop eating bread, pasta etc etc. And of course I could answer yes to several of them, in the correct combinations. But that will have more to do with the fact that I don't eat well (so have lousy digestion - 2 or 3 of the questions with a yes), I don't sleep enough (another couple down - of course I feel groggy in the morning, I got less sleep than I need) and I have eczema (which I can't spell, and it runs in the family in conjunction with asthma (thankfully I don't have that but Mum does and Granny did) and hayfever type allergies (on both sides of my family)) amongst other things. After managing to class large groups of the population as having this problem, the article then didn't go on to tell you anything much useful ... like how you replace bread out of your diet ... leading to people cutting out stuff without replacing it and thus replacing wheat intolerance with a different problem. Oh and it then goes on to say that to start off with on the new diet things will get worse, then once they get better you'll be hyper-sensitive to wheat - goodbye eating out (particularly once you've read about the 'hidden wheat' in foods). I really get wound up by the Express's health articles sometimes. Sure, some people will have a medical problem with wheat intolerance, but if you think you do then you should go talk to a damn doctor!

Well, that turned into a rant. Probably hopelessly incoherent as I'm knackered.

And so off to bed I go, nini!
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