May 16th, 2001


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Hmm, didn't snack, did my exercises ... so therefore I'm hungry and knackered. Still, it might start to have an effect if I can keep it up for a week or two - then once I'm beginning to lose weight I'll have an incentive to keep it up. I only wanna lose about a stone and a half (about 20 pounds for the americans out there ;) ).

Enough whinging though.

Did stuff today ... was terribly efficient and managed to get quite a lot of work done. Which was a surprise given I was really really sleepy. Gonna go to bed after I post this coz I've got a meeting at lunchtime tomorrow and if I don't get a bit more sleep I'll fall asleep in that - which wouldn't be all that noticeable given it's a seminar so I don't have to say anything, but embarassing even so.
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