May 19th, 2001


Busy day

We got up startlingly early (for us, for a Saturday) this morning and I crept out to try and see the robins, but they weren't visible :(

We then got ourselves together and went into town where we did a lightening fast Saturday shop. I went to the library and returned my overdue books, and now have a new set of books ... including two Diana Wynne Jones books (Witch Week and Homeward Bounders). I felt a little shifty going and getting books from the children's bit of the library though ;) We had lunch at Vagabonds as always - this time we got nachos to share as well as our normal amount of food. We're both on semi-diets at the moment (that means no snacks) so we were both starving and managed to eat everything.

Rushed back home then so that we could be in for the afternoon. About 3pm Nirikina and Thrawn and Sagima came round. We'd not met Niri or Thrawn before so it was cool to see them :) And was good to see Sagima again - he'd been around for the meet we organised for Stipe, but somehow we'd not arranged to meet up since then. We're going to the pub later with them, they had to go back to Sagima's for a barbeque.

So that's already been more stuff than we normally do on a Saturday, and we've not finished yet!
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