May 24th, 2001


Catching Up

This was the day of the Marillion concert. And it was good :)

I met up with jarel for lunch in Vagabonds, then we headed off into London. Had a bit of faff with the tickets, and had to buy ones that restricted which train company you can use which I never like doing. And then the train got delayed because of a failed freight train. But eventually we got into London and had an hour or so to kill before meeting malus before the gig. So we went off and found a coffee shop :)

We then met Malus at about the time we'd intended to (his train didn't seem to have been delayed, a surprise for Virgin Trains). And headed off to look for food. We ended up in Nandos, which unlike the other two I thought was quite nice. Nothing spectacular, but then it was also cheap so you wouldn't expect anything spectacular. I also had my usual problems getting shop staff etc in London to understand me - I have a fairly standard english accent so you wouldn't think it'd be that hard, but I guess it's not a London accent which is what the problem'll be.

We then went and queued up for the gig - we were there 20 minutes before doors and the queue was already really long. We saw Jeff in the queue, but the others said we shouldn't push in, so we went off to the back. Doors opened quite promptly and we were in not long after 7. Had to have the bag searched on the way in ... and I think the security guy was a bit flustered by having to search past my change of underwear ;) Promptly bought merchandise - two t-shirts for me (one of each colour), and put the bag in the cloakroom. We met up with Jeff again once we were in and got ourselves a nice spot near the front of the place, about 6 people back from the front row :) The support band (Wild Buffalo) were not bad. I think, like J, I'd had my expectations raised. So I just thought they were ok, if somewhat predictable. Then Marillion were on and it was cool :) J's done a better write up of the concert than I'd manage, so go look at it. I'll just say it was really good. They played a lot of the new album, and some of the best of the last few albums. I think the venue must've had a fairly strict curfew, coz h practically had to be dragged off stage, and when he finally went (this was after the second encore) the house lights came on really quick, followed by canned music.

We then started the trek to Oxford. Public transport sucks - we couldn't get back to Ipswich coz the last train out of London is something like 11pm, and the gig didn't finish till 11:15pm. So we'd organised to stay over with my parents in Oxford as the buses to Oxford run all night. So we headed over to Victoria and got ourselves on the midnight bus. Finally got to my parents' house at 1:30am, where we tip-toed around to avoid waking my parents before going to sleep.

I got up at about 9am, we'd set an alarm, and I actually felt awake once it had gone off. So I went downstairs and had breakfast and a chat to my Mum. (Dad was in London for the day to go to some meeting.) Mum had stuff to do in the morning, and when J surfaced at about 11am she'd been out for a while. So he had breakfast and then we listened to a bit of ReFracted! which J had bought at the concert. It's the 'making of Afraid of Sunlight' album, and as such not interesting to me per se. I'm not really curious about such things.

Mum came back about 1pm and we had lunch with her (the only reason we'd stuck around so long). I feel a little guilty that we couldn't stay longer, but it'd've meant taking quite a lot more time off work. So we'll just have to go see them properly soon(ish).

After that we headed back to Ipswich - and got yet more proof that public transport sucks! Bus into london was fine, and then once we got on the train from london the fun started. We got held up for nearly an hour at Seven Kings because there was a 'dangerous goods incident' and the 'fire brigade had to clear it' before we could move on. Or so the first announcements said - all subsequent announcements were by someone else and just said that there was a 'failed freight train' (heard that one before ;) ) so I reckon the first chap hadn't yet been told what the company line was for incidents like this. Still we were amply amused by two chaps preparing for some pretentious management course and being pretentious at each other about it. So then when we got in we just vegetated for a while.

During yesterday my lower right eyelid had started to swell up and was still swollen up this morning. I went into work, but eventually decided that I should go and see someone about it. I wasn't sure if it was worth going to see the doctor, so rather than waste his/her time I thought I'd try and see the nurse at the health centre for the university. But was flat out told by the receptionist that as I'm not registered with a GP there I couldn't. Which I'm not really sure is true - I was under the impression that you could see any doctor in any surgery if you weren't able to get to your own. But anyway, I headed off at lunchtime to go to the nearest pharmacy (not that near) and see what the pharmacist recommended - and she looked quickly at it and said I should get the doctor to check it out. So off I went home. Now this was not a bad thing in and of itself, and it meant I got to spend a nice afternoon relaxing rather than doing work :) I couldn't see a doctor till 1730 (I took the whole afternoon off as I couldn't ring the doctors till I knew I was on the way home, so that if they'd said an earlier time I could get to it. Oh the joys of commuting.)

Finally got to see the doctor, and he said I've got the beginnings of an eye infection - and prescribed me some antibiotics. After chatting to the reception staff I discovered that unless I learnt how to fly or got a taxi I couldn't get the prescription till tomorrow as the pharmacy I can get to wasn't the one on lates. So I'll have to go into work late tomorrow so I can get the tablets at 9am. Maybe not very late, as I could go to a pharmacy in Norwich. I'll probably do that actually, and just be an hour and a half late rather than 3 hours late.

And we had a chinese takeaway for dinner, so it's been quite a good day really - except for the infection on my eyelid, but that's uncomfortable rather than painful so it's not too bad.
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