June 2nd, 2001



Yesterday was a cool day overall I think :)

Work was a bit blah, 'fixed' another printer. We've got a new dot matrix printer to go with our new scintillation counter. I'd sorted out the programs on the scintillation counter and just mentioned to someone that 'only thing left is sorting paper out' and they said they'd do it. That was at the beginning of the week and I'd glanced at it and seen there was paper there and not worried about it. But someone came up to me yesterday and said it didn't print. So I went and looked and the paper wasn't feeding in straight (it's a continuous paper printer, so the holes weren't lined up on either side) - so we read the manual and sorted that out (I haven't played with a dot matrix for ages so reading the manual was essential if I didn't wanna break it). And then we discovered that the ink ribbon was just flipped up out of the way - so back to the manual we went, and fixed that. What I don't get is why the lass couldn't've looked at the manual and sorted it out herself? That's all I did. But the whole thing with the scintillation counter is like that, I've got a reputation for 'knowing what to do with the scintillation counter' so everyone asks me stuff, so all I do is fish out the manual and work out what to do. Anyone who can read can do it, let alone this collection of people who either have doctorates or are working for their doctorates. Bah I say, bah.

When I got home from work I managed to persuade J that we should go out :) There was an indie club (called 'Furry') at one of the town clubs and we'd been briefly once and it was cool. As it only happens once a month I kinda wanted to go. At first J only agreed to go if other people would coz he figured he was so tired he'd just sit in a corner and veg. So we hung around online while we were eating dinner etc and waited to see if Sagima would pop online - we'd mentioned this club to him last week and he'd seemed keen. But he didn't show, and eventually J agreed to go even though there was just the two of us going, yay! (but we do need a few more in-town friends we can try and drag to stuff like this ;) ).

Furry was good :) The music was mostly fairly classic Indie - all the old 90s favourites. They played other stuff too - some of which was better than others. There was quite a lot of the more cheesy early 90s stuff, like Beats International "Dub be good to me", or some De La Soul. At about 1am we got up and danced (this was after several Newcastle Brown Ales :) ), can't remember what track made us want to dance - but while we were dancing they played one of my favourite Prodigy songs ("Firestarter" - Prodigy stuff is always good to dance to, lots of waving around of hands ;) ) and my favourite Rage Against the Machine song ("Killing in the Name Of"). I don't always dance to that song (or others of the type) as depending on the atmosphere in the venue it can get kinda rough - but the guys pushing each other about were all good natured about it, so that was cool :) I think the DJ paniced slightly though, coz the next three tracks were really boring stuff ... like T-Rex "Children of the Revolution" (dunno actually if that's the title, but it's the chorus). So we left the dance floor, and realised it was 2am so decided we might as well leave - the club finished at 3am but we were pretty knackered by this stage, and it'd been way too hot to dance really.

Got a bus home, coz we managed to time it well, and spodding for a little before collapsing in bed. Jo woke us up with an SMS to J (the volume he has his phone set on is so loud that it always makes me jump). Then back to sleep till midday when we finally dragged our lazy arses out of bed ;)

While out last night we decided we should check out the Sound Academy alternative night again sometime ... guess I'll have to ring and check it still exists, but they certainly used to have one every Wednesday (which sucks as a day to go clubbing, but it's the alternative night after all - wouldn't want to make it Saturday when you can get more revenue off pissed townies at a normal dance night). We went once with Jo (J's sister) which was a little bit much for her, but we thought it was cool. The good thing about it (and Furry) as compared to Haunted Hangar is that it's an older crowd - we're still over the average age, but the average is early twenties not late teens and there's quite a few older than us.
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