June 3rd, 2001


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Yesterday after we'd finally dragged ourselves out of bed we went into town. As always, we had lunch at Vagabonds, and then went shopping. I bought a new pair of jeans (which are pretty much identical to the pair that are about to fall to pieces) and a new top (which appears to be just a little too much too big - it's a vest top that's vaguely fitted, but it's too loose, I've worn it now though, so I can't really take it back). I did boring shopping too - got a card for J's sister's fiance's birthday, and a card for J's Dad for Father's day (for no obvious reason I don't tend to do Father's day cards, I hope my brother doesn't either) and a card for the couple whose wedding we're going to next weekend.

Came back home and I played CTP II for most of the evening, stopping only to cook dinner (stir fry pork with leek).

Today I got up virtuously early - at 9am - and then did some thesis work. After lunch that tailed off a little (though I did do several hours) and then I played CTP II some more.

After dinner (lemon chicken) I sorted through the boxes we keep our books in looking for the L. E. Modesitt Jr books I have, in particular the Recluce ones. And discovered that the book I bought last weekend was one I already owned1 :( A trip to the charity shop is in order, methinks.

I've not done any book reviews for ages and ages :/ Dunno when I'm gonna get a chance to catch up - I can't be bothered this evening anyway.

1 I'd even read it last week and only thought it seemed vaguely familiar, and I'd assumed that was coz I'd read the earlier one about that character, and coz Modesitt tends to repeat his themes somewhat.
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