June 8th, 2001


Loooong Week

This week seems to have lasted forever. I've been pretty brain-dead all week, but I managed to get a fair bit of work done at the beginning of it. I got some Kiapp data that Vera wants for a paper, amongst other things. Later in the week this work lark started to come apart somewhat - I didn't do very much yesterday or today. Partly because the fluorimeters were playing up. Two problems really. Firstly, I'm doing kons for this TIMP complex that Vera wants data for. These produce nice curves that you fit to some horrendously complex equation. But my curves were dipping (impossible - implies the enzyme is creating substrate from product, and OK so all reactions are reversible but this one isn't that reversible) and coming back up again. That one turned out to be the magnetic fleas (stirrer bars) in the cuvettes, dunno precisely how/why but they were screwing things up. And the other problem is that one of the machines has some disconnect between the software and the hardware (no, we don't know why - it's the same software and same type of hardware as the other two, but it's got 'issues'), so you get communication errors after a couple of thousand seconds or so, which isn't much good if you wanna do a run for about ten thousand seconds. So next week I get to repeat those experiments with a different machine and no fleas (and hope diffusion doesn't screw over the results too much).

The other reason that I didn't get much done today was that we stayed up to watch some of the election coverage and I got about 4.5 hours sleep. This does me no good - I look awake, I sound awake but I have the concentration span of a hyperactive 2 year old and the mental abilities of an infant. I had about 3 cups of coffee during the day (which didn't affect my digestive system - so hopefully my over sensitivity to caffeine is getting back to normality - yay!), and I'm still in that sort of 'lights are on but nobody's home' state.

Went out to vote last night and, as J says, it was a little anti-climactic. Particularly as Suffolk Central & North Ipswich is a strong Tory seat, so in many ways our votes counted for nothing. Didn't have as much hassle as sagima did, dunno why though - probably coz we're a little older. It's only the second general election I've been old enough to vote in (I missed the one before by 2 months) so it's still a little exciting to actually get to vote, despite the anti-climax. And despite the fact that I'm getting quite deeply cynical about New Labour having had them in power for the last 4 years. Don't get me started on public transport ;)

Other happenings at work - a computer died. Like, dead. Though one of the IT support staff has fixed it - but I'm not convinced it'll stay fixed. Basically C: was so corrupt that NT wouldn't boot. The boot sector was fine, but as soon as it actually started to boot NT it hung. The tech has reformated the drive and reinstalled - but I'm worried that we still don't know why it got corrupted. Or how for that matter.

We also got going with some cell culture. Nik and I are transfecting some cells with TIMP3. We think it's not going to work this time though :/ The protocol we're following is for a slightly different procedure (transient transfections as opposed to stable transfections), and although we've altered most stuff suitably we think we've got too high a cell number. So we may be starting again with fewer cells on Monday.

Oh and people were as I expect them to be. We had a little example of idiocy the other day - of someone's Palm it was said "I used to wonder who was taken in by the advertising rubbish, now I know it's gullible boys". No, obviously there can be no possible reason to get a Palm other than because you saw an advert. Oh, no. Grr.
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