June 17th, 2001



Today was almost a normal Saturday. We went into town, got rained on, had lunch at Vagabonds. J went for a haircut and I went to the library (and paid my fines for overdue books). We then decided to get the bus out to PCWorld to look at hard-drive prices as we are both running out of space for both Windows and Linux. So, we looked at the drives, then we looked round the rest of the shop. We discovered that for £450 we could get a machine better than our current gateway, but we don't really want to do that - we want to (eventually) get a new high end machine and then that'll be J's, I'll have his, and mine will be the file server. We may keep the current file server/firewall/gateway as firewall and gateway coz it feels better to have the file server behind the firewall rather than be it. Then we went and looked at disks again and J agonised about it ;)

Eventually we bought a 40Gb disk and then shopped in Tescos before coming home (and being rained on some more). And then the fun began. My machine has now got the second of J's two original disks - and that had to be mounted in a sideways facing bay, and all the connectors from everything else pulled off and re-organised so something would fit. But apart from that it worked fine, and when I booted up I had the disk space I thought I should.

However, J's machine took a little more convincing. We started installing/swapping drives at 7pm and we finished about half an hour ago having flashed the BIOS in Iguana. It turned out that it wasn't able to see a 40Gb drive with the original BIOS - but it took a while for it to become clear that that was what the problem was.

But it's sorted now and J's installing Win98 (the drive that we left in the machine has his linux installs on, so he'll leave setting that up until we have SuSE 7.2 - seems silly to do it before).

Whilst goggling at stuff in PCWorld I almost succumbed and bought a new keyboard - I use an MS Natural keyboard, with the original layout, ie the insert/home/pgup etc keys are in a block that is 3 wide by 2 down ... the new layout has them in a block 2 wide by 3 down. There are other changes (The arrow keys are different) and I don't like the layout so much ... thing is, you can only buy the old layout that I like with all those poncy 'internet buttons' on the top :/ I do need a new keyboard soonish though - this one is 7 years old and I've eaten my dinner at the puter rather too often.

I also nearly bought Age of Empires II ... last games weekend we went to we played that, but I'd never played it before so I did crap ... and I've not played it since so if we play it next w/e then I'll be crap then too.

I'm now just debating a G&T as J installs the evil OS. Hmmmm ....

[NB: Mood is just coz, not for any reason - just ask J ;) ]
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