June 24th, 2001


Games Weekend

This weekend we've spent most of our time shooting things :) Went to a games weekend that some friends of friends were doing. Jonathan, the guy we're actually friends with, was still on his honeymoon so we were left with the people that we only sort of know. But it was still cool :)

We mostly played Quake III Arena/Team Arena and Unreal Tournament. We kept doing space type maps with QIIIA which wasn't so good - I keep falling off, and I'm not good enough to afford to lost those frags ;) Was getting better by the end of the weekend though. Also played a game of Age of Empires II, which was OKish. I've played once before, J's never played. And I got wiped out really early, and J was next one out I think. Which was a bit of a shame - we'll have to practice that more before the next one.

And know I'm knackered, both physically (specially my mouse arm) and mentally. So I think it's gonna be a looooong week.
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