July 4th, 2001


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Catchup time. I gotta get better at this. Partly coz I want to pinch an idea from narenek and put 'Current book' on my posts. So I gotta update at least as often as I read books ;) (this current one is gonna take a while though - I'm about halfway through and it's taken me since middle of last week so I better update more often than that!)

OK, so what have I been doing since last Friday night when I managed to stumble through typing something semi-coherent despite the exhaustion?

Today started off as a typical Saturday - off into town to get lunch at Vagabonds. We had to be in early coz J needed to go to the bank and transfer money around. He got his bonus in Friday's pay cheque so he was putting that into our savings account and that brings us to what our target was before we started looking more seriously at house buying. Eek! So soon we have to sort out this mortgage buisness - I read the leaflets from Britannia and I guess we need to meet with a financial advisor coz I don't even know where to begin to find out what we can afford (in terms of monthly payments - I know how much the banks will lend us) or what the options are. We've got some savings plans that mature over the next few years so we'll have some lump sums we might want to pay off bits of mortgage with so we have to take that into consideration too. It's all so complicated :/

Once we got home from town we decided to install SuSE 7.2 onto my machine. Mine first coz it was easier to decide how to partition my new drive (J's old drivE) - just split it up into 3Gb/3Gb/256Mb(swap)/the rest(3ishGb), and installed onto the first 3Gb partition and put /usr/local/games on the last. The second partition is where I'll install next time I upgrade, and most of /home is on gecko not basilisk. So off we went. Not as painless an experience as previous installs - mostly coz of me having an nvidia graphics card. For some reason the drivers for the 3d accelerated stuff weren't included on the CDs, just a dummy package. But the badly translated German didn't really explain this - once we worked out that was the problem though we already had them on CD so just installed them off that. And configuring X was a bugger for some reason :/ Still J got it working in the end (way beyond my knowledge/current ability). And now I have a shiny new install of linux to play with :)

Today was a day of work! Once I finally got out of bed and had done the bath/hair washing thing I did quite a bit of thesis work. I did the stuff to my Discussion that Gill wanted me to do - in particular re-order two of the results chapters. It does make more logical sense now, though I agonised over it for a while. But one thing that made it clear was once they were re-ordered I never refered forward to a chapter I only refered to previous ones. So it was 'meant' to be that way ;) And I did the abstract (though I still need to work on that a bit - I'm letting it lie fallow for a little and I need to ask Gill if the 300 word limit is critical or if 326 will do, if not, I need some help removing 26 words - I also need to double check what the instructions actually say about the limit). And I've done most of the list of abbreviations, though some I haven't expanded, and I need to check if I need to put in things like 'cyclic AMP' which I mention once in the introduction and never again.

After finishing that work I sat and did logic puzzles till my brain turned to mush ;)

Ooh, dinner was good - we got a Colmans 'Sauce for Sausages', packaged very like the Chicken Tonight sauces are. Basically fry up the sausages and then add the sauce and heat through. This was a tomato and herb one, and we had it with mashed potatoes and it was nice :)

Back to work - much less frazzled than Friday thank goodness! I didn't get any breakfast coz the first bus was late, which sucks :/ I carried on with my TIMP purification and did a silver stain gel of the interesting looking fractions - not much TIMP :( But I set up a TIMP assay for overnight doing pretty much every fifth fraction over the whole lot (~200 fractions or so) ... the whole assay ended up as 72 tubes which is tedious, to say the least. And I had to set part of it up in the cold room so I came out and my glasses steamed up like nobodies business.

I also did more of the transfection type stuff. And Gill was apparently asking Nik if we had any results yet - and no, we don't, even if it was working perfectly (which it isn't) we wouldn't have results yet damnit. I think Gill's been out of the lab a little long ;)

Finished off the TIMP assay and pooled the fractions that had stuff in and ran another silver gel. Gill got really pleased with the results (though the rest of us are a little more ambivalent - there is TIMP there, but not an awful lot. It is a damn crap expresser). And she also said what a good job me and Nik were doing with the transfection - and seems to have realised that it's not gonna happen any quicker than it's happening. So that's all good *beam*.

sagima came round to see us this evening, which was cool :) His excuse was that thrawn is selling us some network cards and Sagima was at Thrawn and Niri's over the weekend so brought them to us. And then stayed and we talked about all sorts including lusers who don't even manage to operate Windows with any sucess ;)

Caught up! And spammed y'all ;) But I figure if you want to read my journal then you probably will want to read all 5 days worth ;)

Active site titrated the TIMP today - I haven't worked out the figures, but I set up the titration being very pessimistic and it's not as bad as I thought ;) Had to help someone with some casein assays - she's from a lab in London (ICRF institute I think) and wants to use some of our MMP10 for her experiments, so she's checking its activity before she takes it away to use. In some ways I might as well do the assay myself, coz I do the thinking and she does the pipetting, but whatever, this is the way she and Gill want things done ;) Did mean I got to sit around for a while and just chat while she set stuff up.

Dinner tonight is going to be chicken and cashews :) We've been meaning to cook it for a few days but I've been too frazzled to do so, but we have to have it tonight coz the chicken is best before tomorrow. And I'm feeling in the mood for a stir fry too.

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