July 7th, 2001


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Went out last night to Furry :) It was a cool evening ... and we stayed till the club shut (and we were the last two people on the dance floor - can you tell we'd had a little to drink? ;) ) J talked to a few random blokes about music, and I danced for ages. Was fun :) Then we went past a kebab shop on the way to the bus stop and had a chicken kebab each and it was quite stunningly nice. I've not had a kebab in years, and this was one I'd've eaten while sober too ;) Though I might've missed out on some of the onion if I'd been possessed of a little bit more judgement.

Rather predictably I was feeling somewhat delicate this morning (as was J) so we pottered about a bit till we felt capable of going into town :)

Inevitably we went to Vagabonds for lunch, followed by a bit of wandering around in town. Not much, coz it was pissing down with rain and I'd managed to mis-judge the weather when I was getting dressed and was in shorts. Still, I managed to buy a computer game in EB (Alien Nations ... I'd played a demo a while ago, it's a strategy type game, and it was only £7.99 so I picked it up). And after popping back to Vagabonds for Nachos we did the food shopping and came home :)

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