July 9th, 2001


BIO Colloquim

This was the annual day to find out what the rest of the department is doing. Basically it's a whole day of seminars, 3 each from the Cell Biology Sector (the one I'm in), the Molecular Biology Sector and the Population Biology Sector. And a guest speaker - who I missed coz I had to go do some cell culture sometime during the day and that was the most convenient time. Lunch was also provided which was nice :) Though, as always with buffets, I didn't manage to get enough to eat. Was good food though, a little more exciting that just sandwiches - but still all recognisable. (I really don't like eating things when I don't know what's in them - there might be something lurking under the surface, like an olive *blech*).

The talks were sort of interesting. Some were really quite cool (the one on sperm competition was fun - and it was the sort of subject where you can 'seriously' discuss things like ball size relative to body size and what this means in terms of the reproductive strategy adopted by the species. And any talk which starts with about 10 pictures of various animals shagging certainly makes you stay awake ;) ).

And some talks were really deadly dull. One was so dull that I nearly had a heart attack when someone's mobile phone went off and woke me from my slumber. Sheer terror. Though I recovered enough to snigger at the unfortunate man.

Had a departmental photo at the end - and I ended up right at the front coz the photographer was one of those who moved people around to suit his idea of how things should be. I don't mind having my photo taken but I can't abide photographers who faff and this one could faff for England (although I've been photographed by worse - the one at my friend Zoe's wedding, at which I was chief bridesmaid, was awful "Just hold your flowers a little lower, dear, no lower, no higher, just there" "Where's Dad? We need Dad for this photo" etc etc (and btw, I loathe it when people call other people's parents 'Mum' and 'Dad' - it's OK if it's your in-laws, though I'll never do it myself, but when it's some random stranger's father. Gah!)).

I decided to give the complimentary wine a miss though - yeah, a glass of wine would've been nice, but it would've meant getting the late train home and it wasn't gonna be that nice a glass of wine ;)

Did some exercise again - I'm doing (well, trying to) the warm-up for J's karate class. I can't do it all yet, but I'm gonna try and do as much as I can pretty much every night and maybe I'll lose some of the flab ;)

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