July 15th, 2001


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Yes it's time for me to catch up again :)

Today happened. Not a lot within it happened though. The "excitement" of the day was J forgetting his keys and therefore having to go back to work and get them. And we had sweet and sour Chicken Tonight for dinner :)

Went to work, worked lots. Didn't manage to have a coffee break in the afternoon so buggered off in time to get the early train and talk to my friend Fiona on the bus. Had a meeting with Gill to go through some of Vera's comments on my thesis - sorted some stuff out. And Gill said not to worry about one of them - as long as my nomenclature is consistent it's OK. This is good - it's non-trivial to change as it's in all my figures too. And when I tried to talk to Vera about it, all she could say was "Well, don't blame me if it all goes wrong", which isn't quite the way one expects one's supervisor to justify her comments on one's writing ;)

Sagima came round in the evening, and sat and watched us eat and drink ;) We had bacon and cheese grills with beans and chips for dinner and it was nice. Even if it is eating like students ;) We also polished off a bottle of wine - but we did find something Sagima liked to drink this time round (Blue Curaco, Vodka and lemonade).

Got up and dealt with the hangover (I didn't mention the two large G&Ts and the blue curaco stuff I was drinking, did I ;) ). Then off we went into town. Had lunch in Vagabonds (as always) and got too much food coz we had nachos as well as bagels (this is becoming a tradition - but we never seem to finish what we buy so maybe this is a bad tradition). Pottered around town a bit, I went to the library and got more books for when I finish GEB. And then met J in Waterstones and while I was waiting for him I started reading a Peter F. Hamilton book I hadn't seen before, so I bought that :)

Then we went to see Shrek. I thought it was really good, really funny :) It's rare that I go and see films, so I try and pick them carefully so that I'll enjoy them (I dislike quite a lot of films - I prefer to read a book than see a film/TV program). We've thought about what else we're gonna see this year so it'll be quite a good year for films I think - want to see: Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Lord of the Rings (if it's out). And there's Star Wars next year too :)

After that we headed off to the pub to have a drink before going for dinner. This turned into two pints, while we sat and talked about house buying and about work and stuff. Then off we went to the Golden Panda, which is a chinese resturant in town. The food was nice (as was the bottle of wine - though that was unwise in retrospect ;) ), though my 'Hot and Sour Soup' burnt my tongue coz it was too heat hot. And I had to dodge the chillis in it, but that's more to be expected than burning one's tongue. Then off to another pub to have another drink before getting the bus home.

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