August 11th, 2001


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Arrived late last night and J's mother picked us up from the station - and we got chips on the way back for no apparent reason ;) After sitting for a chat for a little we went off to sleep and got up fairly late this morning before having a poke around the house. This is the house that J's grandparents lived in for 50-odd years and J's father was brought up here. Since J's Granda passed away in February it's been redecorated and J's parents moved in in June. I think the first thing I noticed was how much the same it was - like the TV is in the same place in the living room, so the chairs and sofa are also in the same places, just different ones. But the kitchen has been completely redone and looks much more usuable. It's weird how much the same and how different it is, and I think J finds it particularly weird coz it's his parents house now not his grandparents house.

In the afternoon we went off for a bit of a wander - just round the village, then up through the woods a little way. We also took the dog for a little walk down the river - he's getting old so we didn't go very far or very fast.

Gonna go out to the local pub (just across the square) for a drink now - managed to persuade J's parents to do so :)
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