August 15th, 2001


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This is the first entry for a while that I've written 'live' (which is why you just got spammed ;) ) but I still had to change the date and time coz the clock on this puter is hosed! It thinks it's 1969 according to LJ (Dec 31 at midnight, too), but the clock on the taskbar of Win 95 thinks it's the right date but in 2095 :/

It's also the slowest dialup/puter combination I've used for a while - we're gonna have to seriously think about getting J's parents a new puter ... I know they don't use it much but this does feel so cack it's nearly unusable, and I think they'd use it more if they had a better puter and BT Anytime setup.

Anyway enough witterings - what did I do today? Nowt is a fairly good summary. Always a good thing :) We finished the crossword by the end of lunch, then Ross came over in the afternoon and he and J played on the ST. Yes, that's a consistent theme of the week ;)

Not that I mind - but it's not my nostalgia - I had a Spectrum (they were cool, don't listen to him ;) ), so I don't know the games as well, and I don't get the absolute fascination with Bloodwych either - guess you 'had to be there' ;)

And that was the day. And now that I've avoided Corrie and Emmerdale I may venture back downstairs ;)

PS I've given up on reading everyone elses entries till I get home I think - y'all post so much that it would now take me a couple of hours to catch up with it all which isn't fair on someone elses phone bill!
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