August 18th, 2001


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Today was our last full day up north, so we went out for another couple of walks, and bought some fudge (with a postcard of Blanchland on the box) to take back to our respective work places. We took the dog on the second bit of the walk and he went bounding off like he was a young dog again - I think he liked the bit of woodland we took him through. Coming back was another story - he got slower and slower and slower and I was beginning to wonder if we were gonna have to carry him back, but he made it in the door before he collapsed ;)

We had a huge lunch then I kinda fell asleep (and J's mother went off for a nap and according to J his Dad was also asleep). We then had an enormous dinner (and J got fed lots and lots of some sort of meringue and cream and strawberry cake, and some cheesecake too - I don't like either of those coz I'm not keen on cream or creamy textures).

And now we're off out for a drink - and wonder of wonders J's Dad actually asked if we were going to go. Normally it takes forever and a day to persuade him to go anywhere ;)
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