August 21st, 2001


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And now I've caught up with all your posts, and I've made all the posts for the days I've missed. So I'm up-to-date now and can feel a little less frantic about reading as many entries as possible at once ;)

I signed up for Friends Reunited today too - only about a dozen people from my year in secondary school - one of whom I'm pretty much in touch with anyway. I liked one girl's notes section though, here're some excerpts:

Yes, Remember the one who had a baby at School. [snip] began my Career at Bristol & West Bank Plc [snip] with the Bank for nearly 11 years [snip] am now Manager of the Oxford and Headington Branches

That looks to me like someone sticking two fingers up at all the people who said she'd never get anywhere coz she'd had a kid at 15. :) (At the time I was shocked she'd had a baby (coz it meant she'd *gasp* had sex *gasp*), but I'd also seen her in the library getting individual tuition so she could still take her exams even though she had the baby so I'd also been impressed.)
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