August 25th, 2001


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Thought I should maybe update since I haven't since Tuesday. Nothing much has happened, which is why I've not bothered writing.

This weekend is going to be a very lazy one - J's at this karate course so I've got the place to myself during the day.

I've been into town today - had lunch at Vagabonds as always. We had a minor fright on our way home from the station last Sunday - there was green sheeting over the window of Vagabonds and we wondered if it'd shut down. But it was just being redecorated :) ... the staff are the same, the food is the same, just new paint and stuff. They've also moved non-smoking to the front and smoking to the back - which is good :)

Pottered around in town a bit, got more photos from our trip up north developed - they've come out well, got some of J's parents, some of the village and couple of the dog. Bought my birthday present from J (he's not going to have a chance to go shopping himself before Wednesday). I'm getting a discman from him :) Music on the way to work :)

Now I'm sitting and spodding and reading LJ and playing Paint by Numbers logic puzzles.

Life is cool :)

Shame J's not here though.
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