September 4th, 2001



I've not updated since before the weekend so I thought I maybe better had :)

Hmm, what's happened? On Saturday we did the inevitable Vagabonds run, and then took our PS2 to see Jonathan and Becky's widescreen TV. We also managed to do some non-computery or TVy things! They did a barbecue (english variety, for those who keep track of such things ;) ), and we had some wine :) Becky got driven out of the room and went to play Black & White when the guys started playing the King Crimson DVD ;) I found that they had some Heinlein I not only hadn't read, but hadn't heard of either, so vacated when the guys wanted to turn the lights down to watch Fight Club... I can't remember what the first one I read was called (the theme was eugenics, but in true Heinlein style - very much one of his juveniles too, no sex and no attempts to link it into the big over-reaching 'multiverse' (except that by the logic of "Number of the Beast" all are in the same multiverse)), the second was "Star Beast", again a juvenile and very much of the boys own adventure style that a lot of his juveniles are. And I started on the third ("Double Star") which I brought home and finished yesterday on the train (another juvenile - an actor impersonating a public figure in a space setting). This bout of reading sparked one of the conversations that I tend to find following me around - do I read every word? The answer to that is 'probably not', when I think about it, I read every word, and I read a lot slower. When I'm just reading then I can't tell - the story is just happening in my head. I do read more 'weighty' fiction slower than the fluff, and non-fiction much slower than either of those. Mainly coz those require thought, rather than just grasping the story. J also suggests that I read quicker than most people coz I'm more focused on it than most people - it can take me a while to notice anything going on around me when I'm reading ;)

On Sunday we went food shopping, then I spent the afternoon trying to play Icewind Dale, which didn't happen tbh. The manual and game seem to assume that everyone's played Baldur's Gate, which I haven't, so I'm finding the control interface a little difficult to get the hang of - I spent most of the time getting repeatedly killed by one group of Goblins without quite working out how to not be killed. I've since had an idea of what might help, so I'll have to try again (when I have a bit more time than just an evening ;) ). Then we went out to Trongs for a meal, coz it was our first wedding anniversary *beam*. Food was very nice, and we had a happy time talking about stuff, and being happy :)

Monday started with me dashing around trying to find dry and clean clothes for two days - I was staying over with someone from work last night so needed to pack for that. I didn't do much in the morning at work, then in the afternoon I went to a conference. It was the British Society for Matrix Biology autumn conference and the theme was "The Impact of Proteinases on the Extracellular Matrix". The lectures were actually quite interesting, though I dozed a bit through a couple of them. In the evening there was a wine reception followed by the conference dinner (which was why I was staying over with Ros). Unfortunately I didn't feel all that well (pounding headache and faint nausea) so I didnt' have much of the free wine and not even all of my food. But it was good as BSMB conference dinners go :) And today was spent going to the rest of the lectures.

And here I am, home and catching up on LJ and eating takeaway pizza :)
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