September 8th, 2001


Bad chat-up lines

"Are you one of those girls who looks really attractive when she takes her glasses off?"

"Have you got a boyfriend?" (said during the last song of the evening, which was a little slow, but not slushy)

And, yes, they were both used on me this evening. I didn't believe the first guy had said what he'd said, so I pretended I couldn't hear him, and he actually repeated it!
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So, last night we went out to Furry. And it was good :)

mcurtains came with us, and we went first to Pizza Express to get some food. Had to wait a bit there, but we got a beer and sat in their comfy chairs to wait. Talked geek or music primarily ... building new machines and scary music to drive off co-workers ;)

Then off to the Attic, where we were not quite first in, but close. It was a good night, and we were the last people on the dance floor. One of the really good things about this particular night at this particular club is that the crowd is really friendly, I got up and danced by myself for about 20 minutes/half an hour before the guys got up, and I didn't get any hassle (the first chat-up line occured whilst I was sat down next to J, and the second near the end when I was dancing with the guys). Only annoying thing was that some daft bint managed to wave her cigarette in my eye - behind my glasses, too. When I got back I noticed that I actually had cigarette ash on my face (I'd wiped most of it off, but it was too hot, so some must've stuck to my somewhat sweaty cheek). There's nowt wrong with waving your arms around as you dance (I do :) ) but waving a cigarette is bad manners. Bah.

Had a kebab, which was nice, but all I can taste this morning is onion, which is a bit of a shame ;) Got a taxi home and then spodded till somehting like 4:30am. Oops. I was quite impressed though - I was awake for 23 hours yesterday.

And after about 5 hours sleep here I am :) Not very hungover (weird, but maybe it'll hit me later, who knows), very onioned and somewhat spacy. I hope Jonathan's tennis lesson this morning goes OK, don't think I'd be much use if I was trying to do anything ;)

Today will be a quiet day I think .. potter round town, buy some books with my book tokens :) and then an evening in. Maybe I'll play some Icewind Dale later ... mrisley was asking what my party consisted of, and I can't remember so I'll have to look ... I know I've got a halfling thief (which I think spent more time being dead than alive) and my ranger and paladin kicked ass. One of my problems with this game is that I feel I ought to have a fairly balanced party, with a mage or cleric or two, and a thief. But the fighters seem less trouble coz they just go kick ass.

NB mood for no good reason, I'm just amused this morning.
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