September 23rd, 2001


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Well, if you want to see what happens to a Pling if you take her out and fill her full of beer then keep her up past her bedtime - look here. I was apparently asleep for over half an hour, though I thought I was just resting my eyes ;) I do hope I didn't fade out mid-convo with anyone, that would be terribly rude ;)

nirikina and thrawn and marble came over yesterday. When they got here we went off into town for lunch - went to Vagabonds as usual, where Thrawn had two prawn filled bagels and learnt the dangers of socialising with the admin. We then went shopping, and made the important purchase of a new hoover coz ours died while we were doing the pre-guest houseclean. Back to the house for a bit of PS2 gaming and a couple of cans of beer before we toddled off back into town to go to the pub. We went to the Black Horse again, but they didn't have DJs playing - much choosing of songs on the jukebox ensued (and, of course, much consumption of alcohol).

And then we came home (via the kebab shop) and I fell asleep after spodding in ever increasing amounts of tiddlyness ;)

I've done a Tesco's shop this morning, as Marble kindly drove me there. We then provided far too much food for lunch, and copious amounts of caffeine before Marble tore Thrawn away from the PS2 and Thrawn woke Niri up again, and they headed off.

I was going to play Icewind Dale, but so far I've caught up with LJ and spodded and that's all.

Oh and last night's entertainment was enchanced by sniggering at the 20 or 30 middleaged women queueing in chairs and sleeping bags at the Corn Exhange box office. They were waiting to buy tickets for Daniel O'Donnall (sp? I've no idea who he is) - and, as Thrawn pointed out this morning, the box office probably doesn't open on Sundays so they're queueing for Monday morning. Sad people ;)
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