October 3rd, 2001


Meetings ...

We had a group meeting today - we have them once a week in term time and each week three people present their recent work so that we eventually know what everyone's doing. So today the three people seemed to have decided to start off each talk with a picture alongside the title. First up we have a picture of Danger Mouse (talk detailing the trials and tribulations of importing some reagents from a european lab), and second a picture of a cross-section of the human penis (talk about prostate cancer) and thirdly a picture of a cross-section of the human breast (talk about breast cancer). Apparently while searching for her anatomical drawing of a breast on the net the third speaker had some 'interesting' search results before she worked out how to narrow it down ;)

And in other news I found my motivation somewhere and did more today than I think I did all last week. This is a Good Thing.
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