October 15th, 2001


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Was a good weekend - Friday was Sonic Flower, and I didn't get too drunk (unlike poor Marnanel) and I danced lots. It wasn't as fun as Furry, I think partly because they'd restricted themselves to quite a narrow subset of music: indie between 1988 and 1998. But it was still fun :) Oh except that the bouncers that the Great White Horse have an attitude problem. Personally I think that if you're not puking on the floor then if you choose to lie down it's your business - and certainly didn't require the swift and rude reaction that Marnanel got when he briefly lay down.

Saturday we did the Vagabonds thing, and then the shopping thing - with an interlude to put Marnanel on the train. As we were walking to the train station a scary drugged up looking man stopped and pointed at Marn and went "Heeeeeeeeey. Coooool t-shirt" (it was one with Dream from the Sandman on it). Which was kinda freaky, but hey ;)

I don't remember what I did Saturday evening, I think I just sat and played logic puzzles till my brains fell out my ears.

Sunday I read quite a few papers and we did food shopping, which is always a good plan ;) I then played Icewind Dale for ages - until it crashed coz it needed CD2 in teh D:/ drive ... only problem is D: is now a harddrive, coz I formatted a partition to windows to give me space for scans of pictures. So I can't put the damn CD in there. A few people suggested changing the drive letter so that the CD drive is back to D:, but I unno how :/

And then we went to bed far too late for a night before work.
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