October 20th, 2001


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*smile* A Saturday morning unaccompanied by hangover, or by exhaustion. This is goooood :)

Spoke to my Mum on the phone for ages last night, the family is OK. Apparently my brother starts work with Microsoft on Monday *ick* ;) Grandma is better (she'd been in hospital for a suspected stomach ulcer). My father put his back out coughing, but is recovering and is stressed by having to do teaching again this term (he's a university lecturer, but was on sabbatical last year).

I should probably ring/text/email my brother and make sure he knows when my viva is, text is probly best coz I dunno if his uni email address is still active, and if I ring him we'll talk about thesis writing (he's doing it too) and I don't wanna think about that ;)

Normal Saturday stuff to do today, then a bit of work, then we're off out to dinner :) Hopefully Jonathan and Becky are coming too, and I'm not sure if we're going for a curry or to Pizza Express, but it'll be nice :)
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Free entertainment was provided whilst we waited at the bus stop to come home. *snigger*

The street the bus stop is on was changed to restricted access - only buses and taxis - about a year ago. Plenty of signs, plenty of time for people to have noticed.

Today there was a policewoman and a traffic warden stopping the cars that were coming through and pointing out that they'd just been past signs telling them they couldn't come down this road and telling them off ;) In the 5 or 10 minutes we stood there they must have stopped a dozen or so cars. And each driver looked somewhat sheepish as they drove on.

Kept us amused while we were waiting for the bus, too ;)
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