October 26th, 2001


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Thank you to everyone for their congratulations :) I was going to reply to each comment, but I figured it would be easier on the fingers to do another entry ;)

We went out for dinner and drinks last night with my work people - it wasn't a horrendously drunken evening (which is good, coz they're all still talking about "the time Margaret got very drunk at Vera's leaving do"). So first we went back to Phil's place for a coffee and some biscuits and stuff (which stopped me shaking, which was a Good Thing ;) ). Then off to the Hogshead, where the three of us had a drink (or two) with Chris and Will. They weren't coming for dinner (too much beer festival the night before ;) ) so had decided to meet us in the pub, which was nice of them. And then off to a greek restuarant on the street nearest the station. (Chosen because it was on the street nearest the station, and coz the greek PhD student in our lab had eaten there and liked it). Claire met us there, as did Gill, Fran, Jane, Sue, Ann, Ros and Sophia. We had food and wine and stuff, and it was a good evening. This is possibly the best evening out with my work people that we've ever had - people talked to J, people talked to me, and it was fun :) But then, not that surprising, it was the adults who'd come out, not the spoilt kiddies ;) It is annoying that some people didn't feel capable of making the effort to be polite (some people failed even to say congrats while drinking a glass of the champagne that Gill provided for immediately afterward), but then, we had a better evening without them.
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