October 29th, 2001


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This weekend we've had J's parents visiting ... so Friday was supposed to be partly devoted to tidying the house up. But that didn't happen - we went into town and talked to mortgage people and did stuff.

We got a quote from HSBC for a mortgage, but didn't speak to an actual advisor, and talked to an advisor at Britannia. We now have a vague idea of what we can comfortably afford, and are aware that people will lend us more money than we can pay back without majorly changing our lifestyle! So we should now start looking properly at houses, which is kinda scary.

We didn't feel much like tidying that evening, so just lazed around a bit, then got up early yesterday to tidy up the house which we managed to finish (enough) just before they arrived. Had lunch and then cadged a lift to Tescos, and then played find the John as both of them managed to vanish at various points during the shopping.

When we got home it became clear that John senior had strategically vanished - J's parents had bought a bottle of champagne, a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates as a congratulatory present for me :)

In the evening we went out to the Maybush and had dinner there - I had pot roast partridge cooked in a redcurrant and wine sauce, with fresh vegetables and new potatoes. It was niiiice :) J had spicy cumberland sausages in a giant yorkshire pudding, and J's parents both had rump steaks (though they'd not noticed that that was a 16oz steak, so neither finished their dinner ;) ).

We came back, and drank champagne out of our crystal champagne flutes (that were a wedding present from my godfather), and sat and talked for a while.

This morning, we arose far too early, and finished scanning some old photos that J's father had brought with him, of Blanchland, ate bacon sarnies then sent J's parents off back up north to tend to the dog ;)
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I invented something for dinner this evening, based on two recipes I'd not tried before. I don't like doing that (coz it might all go horribly wrong) but it worked, so I'm gonna write it down so I can cook it again sometime :) (and yes, it's simple, but I'm not good at invention, so simple is best ;) )

Grilled Tuna with Garlic and Herb Butter
Serves two with lots of butter left over.

100g unsalted butter
1 garlic clove
2 pinches of dried Herbes de Provence
2 pinces of dried Basil

2 tuna steaks

Chop/Crush the garlic.
Soften the butter in the microwave for 30s or so.
Mix in the garlic and herbs, bit by bit.
Leave the butter in the fridge for an hour or two to solidify.

Grill the tuna, putting garlic and herb butter on it each time it's turned. It took about 20 minutes on a medium grill, but was probably OK about 5 minutes before.

Serve with new potatoes and peas (NB the garlic butter didn't work as well on the potatoes as on the tuna).
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