October 30th, 2001


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It has been a true Monday of Mondays.

Started my TIMP3 purification, and the tubing split on the concentrator we were using, and spilt about 2 litres out of the 10 we had onto the floor before we noticed. And then stores didn't sell that tubing, so it won't arrive till Wednesday at the earliest.

So I spent the majority of the day clearing that up and sorting out tubing and stuff.

It had already started badly with a bus not showing up, and then a driver not showing up, so it took me 55 minutes to get from Norwich station to the university instead of 25 :/

And now I've got stomach cramps, which doesn't normally happen even if it is that time of the month, hopefully it's just coz I've been stressed lately rather than an actual change in the way things work. But whichever, it's not helping me be full of the joys of life this evening (sorry, J, for being so grumpy :/).
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