November 1st, 2001


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I finally got my arse in gear and posted in SP news about the t-shirts ... if you're a snowplains resident then go read the news coz the t-shirts are first come first served.

So that's what I've accomplished since I last posted (a real update that is).

I've also taken an online IQ test, despite my doubts about the whole thing anyway ;) My IQ is apparently 157.

Tomorrow we have people coming with us to Furry - so I've sorted out directions for jaq to drive across, and drew Phil a map of how to get here from the bus stop, but I've not yet double checked with marnanel about trains (I'll probably do that tomorrow when I think he might need to leave work ;) ).

And stuff.

I don't seem to have enough of a brain right now to think of anything intersting to say, so I'll stop rambling now ;)
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