November 5th, 2001


The Weekend

I was thinking about doing seperate entries for the weekend, but I cba so it's going to be a sorta mish-mash of stuff in one entry.

Friday I had a half day, and coz the boss ran off early Phil (friend at work) took the afternoon off too and came back to Ipswich with me, rather than coming along in the evening. jaq arrived about half an hour after we did. marnanel, mcurtains and becs turned up just in time for pizza, then we just had to wait for sagima and friends to turn up (which they duely did) before we left to go to Furry.

Furry was fun :) I had too much to drink, as usual (though not quite too much as last time ;) ), and Sagima provided free entertainment by getting very drunk and being very obvious! He also provided me with a significant amount of free Smirnoff Ice, which was also part of the reason I got quite so drunk (and he had clearly had enough before I began stealing his drinks - he was drunker than I was ;) ).

I was a bit of a grumpy drunk, as I'd been awake for 23 hours by the time I got to bed - but I felt fairly OK in the morning (nothing a couple of paracetemol couldn't cure). And after the obligatory spod (which muchly bemused Phil) we toddled off into town and went to Vagabonds (betcha didn't expect that ;) ). I then went and put Marnanel on his train, before meeting everyone in Waterstones, before going back to Vagabonds.

Saturday evening was the evening of Jonathan and Becky's fireworks party - and we arrived just in time for the start of the fireworks (damn taxi was late). The fireworks were pretty colours and went bang appropriately (and we still beat the guys in the next garden, despite them having upped their efforts since last year) so that was cool :) The 60 sparklers I accidentally bought (when I asked how many were in the box the shopkeeper said "12", it became clear after I paid and left the shop that he meant "12 packets") were used up - partly by my dear husband being a Jedi Knight with about half of them ;)

When we got in on Sat night I went straight to bed coz I was tooooo tired, but the guys "tasted" some of J's whiskys and so stayed up for a bit. Sunday morning was spent eating and playing playstation games - VibRibbon is particularly good, although I don't specially advise Opeth as a good sound track - some Dream Theater tracks are cool though ;) And Jaq re-strung our acoustic guitar, and tuned it too :)

Once everyone had gone I did the washing hair and getting dressed thing (I was a slob and sat around in my dressing gown till about 3pm) - and spoke to my brother on the phone. He's managed to complicate his life quite considerably - so I didn't find out how he's enjoying M$.

And today I didn't wanna get out of bed - but I was doing better than J. When my alarm went off I asked him to put the light on like always (the bedside lamp is on his side of the bed), and after a couple of repetitions of that he managed to wake up enough to whinge and ask why I wanted the light on before realisation dawned and he understood that my alarm had gone off ;) And he was late into work too!
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