December 9th, 2001


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Busy weekend again.

Bruce and Molt came for Friday evening to go to Furry with us. It was a really cool evening - and it was the first birthday of the night so the DJ was getting all emotional about it.

Saturday was primarily characterised by failing to get my hair dyed - I ended up having the conversation I should've had when I first went to the hairdressers two weeks ago :/ Basically they think the black would be permanent coz the ends of my hair will be very porous due to how long they've been exposed to the elements. And the purple would need my hair bleached first, probably. She's going to do strand tests though, and I'm pencilled in for Thursday providing it'll work and providing I can get the time off work.

Bruce got the last train home on Sat night (which is weirdly early - about 2150), and Molt stayed till today. So most of yesterday was spent talking about Snowplains things and people we all used to know ;)

And now we're playing Freeciv again - but my civ sucks and I really wanna give up on this game (I know I've lost miserably, no need to prove it ;) ), J wants to keep playing though ... so I've got not a lot to do, just sit and wait till he does each turn so I can move a few settlers and then press enter again ...
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