December 15th, 2001

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J went into town on his way home from work yesterday and bought Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance for the PS2. And that has subsequently eaten about 9 hours of our lives ;) It's got a 2 player co-op mode, so that's how we're playing through it.

Whilst we've not been killing various things (like the walking dead) we've been shopping mostly. After the obligatory lunch at Vagabonds we did most of the rest of our xmas shopping - got my father's present, a bit more of J's mother's present, Chris's present and our xmas present to ourselves. For ourselves we've got a digital camera (Kodak DX3600), coz recently we've been noticing times that it'd've been good to have one :) In the process of buying this we managed to talk to a variety of clueless salesmen. Startlingly the one in Jessops (which normally has fantastic service) was particuarly dumb and couldn't tell us anything useful at all. Except that he didn't like the camera coz it had 'bad design features' but when pressed he couldn't given an example :/ Equally startlingly the first person we talked to in Dixons did have a clue, and was really helpful :)

Also got the bits and pieces for a roast chicken lunch tomorrow so now we don't have to leave the house tomorrow :)
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