December 16th, 2001


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Today was supposed to be a day of chores and christmas cards.

We did, eventually, do the christmas cards ....

But after the variety of things that went pear shaped with the morning we didn't have the motivation to do the chores. First the hose bit for the shower developed a hole, so the water kinda went straight up from the tap rather than out the shower head ... then as we were cooking lunch (roast chicken) we discovered that the loaf tin we do the roast potatoes in was leaking :( So no roasts with lunch.

So instead of being virtuous we sat and played BG:DA for most of the afternoon - we're now into part II :)

Now, J is playing Freeciv and I'm spodding and reading LJ and generally just vegetating :)

It's been a good weekend - very relaxing, and I'm very aware that I have only 3 working days this week and then over 2 weeks off work. Thank goodness :)
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