December 24th, 2001

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We got up reasonably early this morning, then didn't bother actually doing anything, so might as well've set the alarm for later!

Once we'd got ourselves dressed we headed off into town and did some shopping. The main things we were looking for was a xmas pressie for some friends, some candles and some wine. The pressie was fairly easy (nice ornamental candlesticks), the candles were fairly hard. We wanted standard sorta size thick candles, not too tall. But there were none to be found in most of the shops we went into - eventually we found some shiny purple ones in Debenhams. In the process of hunting for them we went into the Lakeland Plastics shop in Ipswich - it's in an old house (called Ancient House, I think it's the oldest standing building in Ipswich, Tudor or something like that). It's a huge shop and seems to go on for ever - and has all sorts of stuff ... whilst there we got some hand towels with penguins on :)

Wine was also easy to find - just went to Sainsburys and got a bottle or two ;)

Whilst in town we also had lunch in Vagabonds (as always) and got tickets to go and see Lord of the Rings, again (on Thursday).

Once home we tidied up the living room and put the xmas decorations up (we just have a tree, but it still makes it feel more christmassy :) ). And I finally cooked Chicken with Cashew Nuts for dinner, and we had one of the bottles of wine we bought :)

It's Christmas tomorrow :)
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