January 24th, 2002


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It occurs to me (having read something makali said about people feeling the need to update a lot, ironically) that I've not updated for a while and I now (this is the irony) feel the need to post purely to let you all know that I'm still here!

I've been suffering from a cold since last Friday and although it's going away now I'm still having difficulties stringing coherent thoughts together when I get home in the evening (I think sosiouxme got the benefits(?) of my limited coherency in a comment last night). So lack of posting.

But just to let you all know what's been going on recently. At work I've been supervising my third year project student, which is turning out to be quite hard work - he's ever so ever so keen ("I think it's time for a coffee break now" "Isn't there some more lab work I can do now?") ... he's a nice guy though, just too hard working and keen for a third year student. Mind you, maybe that just reflects the fact that I was a bit of a slacker in my third year ;)

At the weekend we bought a new puter to act as a fileserver - we've spent bits and pieces of the week setting it up (well, J has primarily, but I've been watching and learning - one day I'll be a real geek, I will, really I will ;) ). Our set up is now to have a machine as firewall and masq box, a machine as file server, print server and hook up the scanner/digital camera to that one too ... then a machine each to use, which are both dual boot Windows/Linux. The file server isn't properly set up yet though - no Samba, and we've not started on the peripherals. I'm going to look into setting up CUPS for the printer, just coz.

And that's about it.

Tomorrow jaq is coming to Ipswich and we're all going out to "The Riot" which is a new rock/metal/alternative night that the DJ from Furry is doing. So it'll be a cool weekend :)
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