February 9th, 2002


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We did the normal Saturday thing today - went into town, had lunch at Vagabonds, did a bit of shopping. I got myself a new wallet, finally, the old one has been falling to pieces for ages. Far too expensive, but nice soft leather, and lots of spaces for stuff. It'll never fit in my trouser pocket, so I nearly didn't buy it, but then I thought about it and realised that I've not actually carried my wallet in my pocket for ages anyway.

Discovered this morning that Wipeout Fusion is better than GT3 because you can have two different save games on the same memory card, and easily swap between the two - I may end up playing this one more ;) I'd forgotten how much I liked watching the Wipeout games, much more so than any other racing game we've got.

We also talked about days off, coz J needs to use up holiday before the end of March - and we're going to try and organise a Tuesday off in March so we can go to Kartouche on a Monday night. Just got to work out what I'm doing with work stuff now.
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